All of us have been learning from our childhood that birds are the animals, usually bipedal, lay eggs and are covered with feathers. Almost all of the birds can fly, while some of the birds cannot. Birds are the most worth-seeing element of our environment and their beautiful and beguiling colors fascinates everyone. But large and abundant colonies of pest birds are just destroying the beauty of these lovely creatures. They not only make long irritating cheers and disturb nearby residents but also cause serious health issues.

Pest birds include

  • Seagulls
  • Pigeons
  • Common starlings
  • Sparrows
  • Grackle
  • Crow
  • Swallow

Bird proofing

As the habits and species of birds changes in the same way the methods of birds proofing change. Each method has its own unique advantages, if employed properly. There are many methods of bird control Melbourne which are listed below:

  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird control agents
  • Bird trapping
  • Bird deterrents
  • Bird wire
  • Shooting

Two of the above methods of bird control are given below:

Bird netting

Bird netting is an ideal, cost effective and a strong solution against birds and this method minimizes the chances of bird’s roosting and perching on the warehouse ceilings, rafters, bridges, stadiums, crops, gardens and other areas of the property. Bird net blocks the entry of pest birds providing a physical barrier. Bird netting has three advantages:

  • This method of bird proofing does not require supply of electricity.
  • Long sheets of net are hardly visible from a distance so this is an effective method of bird proofing.
  • Anti-bird net can be installed and laid at anywhere.

Anti-bird net installation team must include professionals to carry out the bird netting method effectively and successfully.

Bird spikes

Feces of pest birds are unhygienic, are produced in large quantities and contain a number of diseases that is why bird control spikes are used to block and stop the landing of pest birds on the ledges of buildings, on the street lights, on the rooftops of commercial buildings and residential apartmets and on the runways. Spikes for bird control are also called as anti-roosting which is used as the source of bird deterrence. Bird control spike consists of long sleek rods with extremely sharp edges, made up of stainless steel or sometimes of plastic. Bird spike is a humane method of deterrence against birds roosting and nesting without giving any harm to the birds.

  • Spikes are comparatively an easy method to deter pest bird nesting and perching, for the spike installing companies because spikes are easier to install and this largely depends on the architecture.
  • One of the most advantageous aspect of spikes installation is that, they can be installed on any material of the surface, be it the canvas, stone, bricks, plastic panels etc.
  • Spikes, which are made up of plastic can excellently merge with the style of the architecture.
  • Spikes are long-lasting.
  • Spikes only deter pest birds without killing or giving any other harm. This is quite humane method against pest bird’s infestations.
  • Spikes can be oriented or installed vertically or horizontally.


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